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Insulated conservatory roof panels

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Roof Panels

Our insulated roof panels are produced by one of Europe’s largest manufacturers that have an enviable reputation for innovation, quality and long-term performance.

Panels are an enhancement to your existing roof and can normally be fitted in a day and are covered by our manufacturer’s 10 year material and UV stability guarantee.

10 year guarantee

50% £ess then some competitors

Standard polycarbonate roof sheets have a finite life expectancy, somewhere between 10 and 15 years, so when the time comes to improve you now have a few options.

You could replace like for like but with the increasing desire to save energy at the same time as extending the annual use of the conservatory, upgrading the roof by installing solid insulated conservatory roof panels is a great solution. 

The introduction of solid panels not only reduces heat loss it also cuts down on solar gain, helping to break the cycle of having a conservatory that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Clear glazing can also be introduced to provide a lighter, more contemporary look.

A combined thermal insulation and waterproof solution to the perennial “too hot/too cold” issue with conservatory roofs provided simply by using a single panel type available in many thicknesses and sizes.

An excellent and affordable solution using solid lightweight insulated conservatory roof panels of the same or similar thicknesses and dimensions to those of the old polycarbonate or glass roof panels that can be completed in a day or two.

Sandwich panels have been used for their structural strength and lightness for many years and feature in marine and aeronautical structures as well as insulated vehicle bodies and modular buildings.

Insulated conservatory roof panels from Morespace are manufactured for you by one of Europe’s largest sandwich panel makers. Based in Germany, they have an enviable reputation for innovation and for manufacturing products with proven quality and long-term performance. There is a choice of colours so that the panels can be made to blend in with surrounding structures. The conservatory roof panels are lightweight, extremely strong and are thermally very efficient even though relatively thin.

Depending on the roof panel thickness it is possible to reduce heat loss through the roof by between 50 and 70% 

Solar gain due to direct sunlight is also vastly reduced. 

Why Choose Us

  • Thicknesses to match existing glazing
  • Lengths up to 5 metres
  • Different colours,white, slate grey, copper brown externally. White internally
  • PVC or Aluminium skins
  • Integral acoustic layer to further reduce rain noise
  • Direct drop-in for existing glass or polycarbonate panels
  • Usually completed same day
  • Cut out solar gain and reduce heat loss through roof by 50-70%

What are the other options?..

Replace the whole roof.

This can be quite expensive requiring Building Regulations approval prior to commencement of work.

We are happy to give advice and recommend specialist firms if this is an option you’d like to consider.

Ceiling Only.

Installing a ceiling under your existing glazed roof is great if your current roof is in tip-top condition, but leaks could still occur in the future and cause internal damage to your property. Condensation may build up if not vented properly and glass sealed units have also been known to blow and insulation quilts to melt if adequate protection has not been taken to reduce heat build-up.

For these reasons, this is not an option we can recommend!

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